Day planner template with long-term task area!

Thursday, April 12, 2012 2:19:00 AM

Long-Term Task area


Even if we use day planner every day we fill it only for 1 day and it is easy to forget about the other tasks. The Long-Term Task area is added in PDF planner template to solve this problem.

In the Long-Term Task area you can type the tasks that cannot be completed in the short run or the tasks you will do in future and about which you want to remember. For example, if you want to present something for someone and you are still looking for the present you can type this task to your day planner. Or if you have the long-term task to change your style that consists of some small tasks that you can complete every day: buy new clothes, buy new shoes, make new hairstyle etc. 

The day planner page is divided now into 4 areas:

  • Appointment Schedule
  • Daily Task List
  • Daily Notes
  • Long-Term Task list

In the Appointment Schedule and Daily Task List you can add and delete rows, prioritize the tasks and mark the status of each of them.

You can add rows for new tasks to the Long-Term Tasks area with “+”, delete outdated tasks with “-” and mark completed tasks in left column.

Day planner template - long-term tasks schedule

As earlier you can save, edit and print out your PDF day planner page whenever you need.

PDF day planner usage

Day planner template on this site has 1 page that can be downloaded and completed with tasks for 1 day. For the other day you can copy planner page and delete all completed or unnecessary tasks, then fill out the form with new tasks and appointments and save or print your planner.

The old version of the printable daily planner without Long-Term Tasks is available on the page “Free day planner refill” 

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