Free day planner refill

Saturday, March 03, 2012 9:15:00 AM

Daily planner refill 

There is nothing easier than to plan a day with a new free printable day planner template! You can easily make a list of appointments, prioritize day tasks in daily task list, edit your free planner page data and print your day planner refill whenever you need.

Our free day planner template (5.5'' x 8.5'')is divided into 3 areas

- Appointment Schedule
- Daily Task List
- Daily Notes

You can create a detailed day plan with a time specified for each appointment in the Appointment area.
 You can write down a list of tasks into the Daily Task List, prioritize each of them, and mark them with a status.
You can put down your notes, outcomes of meetings, and ideas that come into your mind in the Daily Notes section.

On filling out the day planner refill simply print this page. Your planner page will be with you all day long.

How to use PDF day planner

  1. Download free day planner page on your computer.
  2. To set the date click on the field in the top left corner. When calendar appears select an appropriate date.
  3. In the Appointment schedule you can enter a time and the appointment. Press the “+” button to add rows to the list and press “-” to delete the row if it is no longer needed.
  4. You can also add or delete rows to the Daily Task List using “+” and ”-”. Besides that, you can mark tasks with a status (C – completed, F – forwarded, D – delegated, In Progress) and prioritize it with letters A (high priority), B (medium priority) or C (low priority).
    When a new row is added to the Daily Task List or Appointments list the Notes area will shrink automatically.

How to print a day planner page.

The default size of the planner page is 5.5 x 8.5 inches, but it can be printed on a page of any size. To do this you have to change paper size in "print options" (Go to Print menu, choose Properties, and select a paper size (depending on your printer model this may require you to select a paper size in several tabs of the properties dialog) ) and choose in the Page Scaling the option "Fit to Printable Area".

Why you need to keep a day planner refill

- it is the great way for time management
- you always know what you have to do during the day, so you can fill in and print out your planner page to have with you during the day
- a day planner can be a source of you motivation: it is always pleasant to pat yourself on the back after having completed a task

Some rules of keeping the day planner refill

1.  You have to keep your day planner every day

2.  The Day planner has to be always at hand

3.  Every day you have to put a few main tasks for the day

4.  Try to specify the time needed for each task – you will always know what else you can do. The time area on your printable planner page will help you to organize your day time

5.   Always check completed tasks in daily task list and fix the outcomes of the meetings in your planner

6.   If the task is not completed just move it to the task list of next day planner page. But if this task is not relevant any more just delete it from your tasks list.

7.    Prioritize the tasks in your planner

8.    Always write down the best event, ideas or emotions during the day in the Notes area of your planner template

9.    Do not go to bed if you did not fill in daily task list in your next day planner page. It will take only 10 minutes but will make your next day more effective.

***Even if we use day planner every day we fill it only for 1 day and it is easy to forget about the other tasks. See the Daily Planner template with the Long-Term Task area added to solve this problem.