Free weekly planner template - printable planner for whole week

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 3:52:00 AM

Free weekly planner – the way to organize your time.

  To be a highly effective and successful person we have to organize our time and plan our day, week and month. The day and free weekly planners help us to do this.

Generally we use both of these planners. And what happens?

On filling the weekly planner we have to fill out our day planner…and this work takes some time that we do not have…
We created a pdf weekly planner template specifically for planning our time.

Free PDF Weekly planner template consists of 2 parts:

  1. Week schedule
  2. 7 day planner pages

Benefits of free pdf Weekly planner template

1. You keep weekly planner and day planner at the same time
2. When you type in the task in the weekly planner it automatically appears in the appropriate textbox of the week schedule and on the day planner page. So you don’t have to type your tasks twice in the weekly planner refill and in the day planner refill. You save your time
3.You can edit your tasks and these changes will be applied to both week and day planner templates.

 How to work with Weekly planner pages

1. Download free pdf weekly planner
2. Fill in the task lists in the week schedule

Weekly planner template task list

This information will appear on the Day planner page

In Free Weekly planner template - the tasks from weekly schedule appear in day planner task list

3. Choose the date for each day: 

Free weekly planner template - choose the date for each Day planner page

4. Long term tasks from the weekly planner page appear in the every day planner page.
5. Save filled weekly planner on your computer.
6. Edit your weekly planner whenever you need. When you edit the Task list or Long Term Tasks or change its status in the day planner page the record in weekly planner changes automatically.



If you do not need the weekly planner refill in pdf you can download simple pdf day planner refill page.